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Take the course and earn DMV Certificate of Completion. Before you will be able to apply for your learners permit you will need certificate of enrollment in driver training (OL392). Be very careful registering with other schools, they will tell you that all you need is certificate of completion of driver ed (OL237). In order to be able to get learners permit you will need both certificates. By registering with us, you will get an access to our ever expending network of driving schools. Only driving schools are authorized to issue (OL392). Then apply for your learners permit, pass the DMV written test, and get ready for driving. Follow our advice step by step and get your drivers license!

7-11driversed.com course prepares you for the DMV written exam. All the information and all practice test will greatly assist you for passing this exam.

Our course is so comprehensive and well designed we are positive if you take our course you will became very good driver, and you will not get any tickets in the first 2 years.

In case your parents need traffic school on line, they will be able to use PROMO CODE # 2032 and get $3.00 for traffic school regardless how many schools they will need. We are operating Always Open Traffic School.com and have very close relationship with other schools as well.

If you complete the course, Angel's Driving School will issue a Certificate of Completion of Driver Education provided by DMV.

DON'T WORRY!. If you don't pass the test first time, you will be able to re-take the final test until you pass .

Using our vest experience in driving school, drivers education and traffic schools we were able to offer you DMV practice test.
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